The Inspirational Quote I Live By

If you’ve been following me awhile you know that my cancer battle taught me that my health, life and time are the most valuable currency I have. It’s the most valuable asset we all have. And yet, we’ve all squandered it at sometime or another whether it be with the wrong marriage mate, job, or friendship— Poor personal investment is usually a part of our growing up.

As a result of my personal experiences I’ve grown more picky with who and how I invest my time, energy and respect. I think more carefully about the decisions I make fully aware of how the choices of my past has negatively impacted me, my emotional and financial health and those around me.

Last week, while lunching on zoom with my girls the conversation drifted to the errors of our younger years. Partly because most of us endowed our time and affections on the wrong man. Some of us, bad friendships.

Some survived extreme abuse. Some painful divorces and cheating mates. There were those left to raise children alone. Those who had to file bankruptcy because they put their trust and financial welfare in the hands of the wrong person. Some experienced homelessness. We all felt guilty about something. There were those who regretted how they parented. Those who regretted not being available to sick loved ones. Those who wish they were just better people.

There were plenty of coulda, woulda and shoulda’s to go around.

All of us agreed that if we knew then what we do today, that we would have been better. We would have done better.

And even though we all made good decisions in our lifetime, as well, it’s always the bad ones that haunts you the most…and usually the one that costs you the most, too.

We know that we’re not alone in our thoughts and experiences. I think most with a conscience will identify the mistakes they’ve made.

With that said, today, I am sharing one of my favorite quotes with you. It is a quote I live by. Whenever I start to feel downhearted as the result of choices I can’t undo or when someone around me does, I share this quote as if it was a bible passage.

The reason I love this one so much is because it’s true.

I do think there is a way to change your history—it’s by changing how you respond to future experiences. You can right your wrongs from the past by addressing them, today. By apologizing for the things you’ve done and for the things you didn’t do. And if you can’t do that, it’s simply by acknowledging the error of your ways and doing better, now.

Say you’re sorry. Start over. Reach out. Tell everyone you love that you love them. Be the Parent, child, friend, you couldn’t be back then. And then… you can move forward with peace rather than regret. So with that said, I leave my favorite quote, here, for anyone living with regrets.

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