Covid Plan By Dr. Oz

In case you missed it Dr. Oz and his crew put together a covid defense plan providing social media followers with a few tips.

Dr. Oz reminds us to stock up on grocery items like toilet paper, paper towels and facial tissue along with medical supplies, cleaning products and supplements.

Supplements and treatment

I’m not a doctor but I believe supplements can boost the immune system. Dr. Oz recommends Zinc, Vitamin C and D3. Something on the list we haven’t seen until now is a doctor suggesting we have medical supplies like a Pulse Oximetry.

A Pulse Oximetry is the method that measures the percentage of blood hemoglobin carrying oxygen. Minnesota Department of health put together a nice PDF explaining what pulse Oximetry does, why it works and how to use/read it. You can find that here How To Pulse Oximetry

Dr. Oz Covid Plan

Dr. Oz’s short video on the Pulse Oximetry.

Wishing you all best health!


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