It’s been 24 years since Jennifer Lopez played Selena

I can’t believe it but it’s been 24 years since Jennifer Lopez captivated audiences with her performance of Selena Quintanilla-Perez in the movie, Selena.

Selena is the story of the short-lived life of music sensation Selena and her family, but it’s also a painful reminder that money can change those around you.

Selena was shot dead by a trusted family friend and business associate March 31, 1990. The murder and the aftermath played out on the news like a Lifetime movie. The root of the murder was money. (Of course)

Lopez earned a million dollars for her portrayal of Selena making her the first latin to earn over a million dollars for a film.

She deserved it. I can’t imagine anyone else who could have successfully represented Selena like Lopez did.

Selena taught Lopez how to perform

There’s no denying Selena helped make Lopez the star that she is, today—and the performer, too. I think Selena change the trajectory of Lopez’ career. She went from fly girl on In Living Color to JLO.

I had learned how to really become a performer and give everything I had to the audience.

JLO interview with Billboard magazine

The following are Instagram posts made my Jennifer Lopez in memory of the 24th anniversary of Selena.

This song makes me think of my sister

My sister loved Selena’s music. I had no idea who Selena was until she introduced me to her. My sister is now passed, too. When I hear this song I think of her.

The real Selena


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