Warm and Cozy Things I Love

Hi everybody, I hope this finds you gearing up for a good weekend!

SO many friends in social media have been posting images of themselves snowed in, playing in the snow, skiing or just pictures of the snow by itself.

While snow makes for beautiful images…it’s more than this California girl can handle so I am doing all I can to stay warm. In this post I share some of my favorite soft and cozy things to keep me warm.

According to my Chinese Medicine doctor, learning to eat and live according to the seasons can help strengthen the immune system. This means that since it’s colder outside, I’m only eating warm, cooked foods. And, I’m keeping my body warm on the outside by wearing season appropriate clothes. I’ve noticed a difference since doing so. If you haven’t tried it, I encourage you to give it a try.

Here are just few of my winter faves. I’d like to know what you do to nourish your body, strengthen your immune system and keep it balanced. Please share with me.

Scarves and gloves. These are a few of my favorite things. I am wearing a scarf, indoors as I type this. I have asthma and keeping my neck and chest warm helps alleviate some of the symptoms I get in cooler weather.  These are from New York & Company
These may not seem fancy, but they are so soft. I have been giving them as gifts to everyone I know. NO complaints, either!
Velour Joggers (on sale now) New York & Company
A fun and warm pair of pajamas. I have a pair by Kate Spade and as much as I love them, these feel very much the same. These are from Macy’s

end of post


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