I’m Still Here…

Never underestimate the value of an ordinary day-April

August 1, 2017–Hello, friends. It’s hard to believe it’s August already. I can hear Target tearing down the summer display ads and replacing the swim suits and beach totes with sweaters, backpacks and back-to-school bargains.

Meanwhile, we’re still dealing with the heat and humidity. You may have noticed I’ve been M.I.A. That’s not by design.

At the end of June I caught what I thought was a flu bug; fever, aches, pains, low appetite–you know the drill. I stayed in bed, made soup and expected it to flee in about a week or so.

That’s not what happen. It turns out I probably had something a little more serious than the typical flu. Something like the influenza virus.

My doctors are unable to confirm this considering I waited too long to be seen. In fact, the reason I went it at all was because my asthma was out of control and I couldn’t digest anything. (You’ll hear more about that in future posts).

As you may recall, I’m also a cancer and chemo survivor. This means my body is somewhat weak to begin with. It’s been rough around here, lately.

I think I’m on the mend now, but, I’m afraid to get too excited about anything until I know for sure.

For now, I continue to nurture my body and hope to be back soon (hopefully end of week). Until then, may this find you having a good summer wherever you are.

Always, April


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