8 Mother’s Day Gifts To Avoid

Hello my lovelies,

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and you know what that means; sales ads, emails, commercials, gift suggestions and possibly a visit with your unpleasant mother-in-law. But, that’s a topic for another time.

Today, I share some Mother’s Day gift deals that left me wondering, what the heck were they thinking?  But, I’ll let you tell it. Enjoy! Be sure to check back in a few days when I post my Mother’s Day faves. Just so we’re clear,  I love Groupon, but love shouldn’t get in the way of honesty. Until next week.


1. Okay. Let’s start with this comic themed bathing suit. WOW. I can’t think of one mother I know (outside of maybe Jenny McCarthy) who would be happy to get this on any holiday let alone Mother’s Day.


2. Or, how about 60 gourmet lollipops? I can’t imagine any mom in America (except maybe my trouble making sister-in-law) who has this on their list. So, I’d leave this gourmet bouquet out.

3. Or, maybe you could have a star named after you. NOT. According to Groupon 1000 of these babies have already been sold. My advice: TAKE THEM BACK! I don’t know who’s buying these darn things, but stop it! If you’re not under the age of 8 this isn’t cute or romantic. It may have been years ago, but not today. So don’t do it!

4. The same rule applies to this Teddy bear. The last thing the mom in your life wants is a teddy bear with your face on it UNLESS you’re 8 years old or younger and you hand picked this for your mom, there’s no excuse for this.

5. Dancing water speakers may be fascinating to you, but, I think this is a big NO on Mother’s Day, so don’t do it!

6. To be fair, someone might actually like this next gift idea. And, I do think it’s kind of cute. But, I’m not feeling it for Mother’s Day. I just don’t think a sexy picture of pregnant mama doing laundry in a half top is the right gift for Mother’s Day.  If you’re going to do sexy pregnant picture, think Kourtney Karadasian or Demi Moore. Otherwise this is a DON’T.

7. Really? More time in the kitchen. Unless the mom in your life has been vocalizing her desire to take cooking classes, this goes on my don’t list–ever.

8. Do I really need to say anything about this one? So here’s the deal, a bird cage might be a good gift for grandma from the grandkids, but ONLY if she has everything she could possibly want already. Otherwise, don’t do it.


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