WordPress Forces Users To Make Expensive Changes (and I’m upset about it!)

Hello my dear readers, fellow bloggers and good friends. I hope this finds you having a great day wherever this finds you. Mind if I vent? About two years ago, I bought a turn-key blog template from WordPress for $39.00. It was the best money I spent. I had a nice-looking blog without the headache…… Continue reading WordPress Forces Users To Make Expensive Changes (and I’m upset about it!)

spring it on

While I do enjoy the rain and sipping tea by a warm fireplace, at heart, I’m just a spring kind of girl. All it takes is a spring breeze to get me to thinking about lemonade, pink toe nail polish and the beautiful white sands that only exists in places far, far, away. Maybe it’s

Fall fashion looks and faves

It’s time for a style upgrade. Here are a few of my fall faves.

How To overcome obstacles

Life is filled with obstacles. And to be honest, it’s not getting any easier. But we can push on with confidence. Keep reading. A Tweet Chat—also called a Twitter Chat, Tweet Party or Twitter Party—occurs when a group of Twitter users meets at a pre-arranged chat to discuss a specific topic that uses a designated hashtag (#). —-Livewire How…… Continue reading How To overcome obstacles

Mental Unwellness Day

Did you know? One in five adults in the U.S.—43.8 million, experiences mental illness in a given year? (National Alliance Mental Health) It doesn’t matter where I am or who I’m talking to “depression” usually finds its way into the conversation. The current state of affairs, discord and day-to-day challenges can leave us feeling empty…… Continue reading Mental Unwellness Day

The pit in my Stomach?

This was a hard photo for me to share!

The Challenges of Blogging: Comparing Myself to Others

Starting a blog can be intimidating. But it’s the plethora of fancy blogs out there that can have you second guessing your ability. It can distract you to the point that you just don’t feel good enough. This I can relate to. Hey guys!—If you’ve read my entry on the The Challenges of Blogging you know…… Continue reading The Challenges of Blogging: Comparing Myself to Others