Follow Those Shoes!

“You can never be overdressed or overeducated” said Oscar Wilde  Photo credit: Michaela Hot pink Kate Spade  kitten heels and Kate Spade journal.  XO!  

Shoes To Make You Smile

I was walking into Whole Foods yesterday when I spied these pink beauties on stylish mom of two, Michaela. Like the ruby slippers, they are bright, pretty and capable of lifting my mood. I just wanted to put my feet into them. Fortunately I knew that would be crossing a line (laugh) so, instead I…… Continue reading Shoes To Make You Smile


A little-known Yelp privacy setting tells businesses your gender, age and hometown

You May Want To Rethink Your Yelp

Dr. Oz Is Expecting!

Another grandbaby, that is. Daphne Oz revealed a baby bump today on her Instagram feed with a post that read Today’s outfit and a bippity bump!!  Daphne is married to John Jovanovic, an investment fund analyst she met in college. This is their second child. Congratulations to the whole family. XOXO! April  

How To Make Your Lipstick Last All Day And Night

Credit: Shannon Nash and Rachel Zoe of The Zoe Report

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mothers Day is closing in on us and if you’re still trying to find the right gift for the mom in your life (or nudge your family in the right direction) here are some suggestions and resources. You’ll find something to fit every budget here. But you gotta act fast, because you don’t want to…… Continue reading Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Are These Moms Setting A New Precedent In Parenting?

No one knows her name yet, but her face and the smackdown she gave her son for participating in the Baltimore riots can be seen everywhere on social media and on television news stations. Rumor has it, one mom was sitting at home watching TV when she saw a news clip of her son throwing…… Continue reading Are These Moms Setting A New Precedent In Parenting?