spring it on

While I do enjoy the rain and sipping tea by a warm fireplace, at heart, I’m just a spring kind of girl. All it takes is a spring breeze to get me to thinking about lemonade, pink toe nail polish and the beautiful white sands that only exists in places far, far, away. Maybe it’s

Thinking Out Loud: home

When I was growing up my dad always said “A house is just a house. it’s up to you to make it a home. To make it a place where people want to gather” Home: A place where something flourishes.

I Think We Need Adult Drivers Education

Driving 101

Is Your Kitchen A Window To Your Soul?

  Re-define perfection based on your ideals rather than those dictated by society~April  I once read somewhere that the kitchen is a window to a woman’s soul. If that’s true, what these botched cookies say about me is a little offensive (laugh). Despite my efforts to create distance between me and the ‘perfection trap,’ when…… Continue reading Is Your Kitchen A Window To Your Soul?

Letter From April Issue No. 1

What one word would you use to describe your 2015?

The Great Toilet Paper Debate

why do women have to replace the toilet paper roll?