Cameron Diaz Shares Her Go-To Comfort Food Recipe

actress, mom, funny girl, Cameron Diaz, and friend, Katherine Powers, CEO of WhoWhatWear have collaborated to create a brand of wine. Avaline wine is labeled “clean” and organic. Avaline makes clean, delicious wines with organic grapes. Transparently produced, full of natural goodness, free of unnecessary extras.Avaline website i reached out to Avaline to ask

Is Nancy Meyers Hinting at Making a Film in The Pandemic?

I hope so!! I don’t know about you but I am a big fan of all things Nancy Meyers. But in case, like my parent’s, you don’t know her by name, Meyers is the woman behind films (and kitchens and homes to die for) like It’s Complicated, The holiday, The Intern, Something’s Gotta Give and

For Lesley Barth Her Latest LP “Big Time Baby” is About Learning to Stop Living for Other People

New York-based independent singer and songwriter, Lesley Barth, drops her second full-length album Big Time Baby on May 15. In this interview Barth talks about a duet she did with her husband, how she agreed to the location for her cover shoot sight unseen, and how she hopes her ten-track album will inspire you. Lesley

Jamie Lee Curtis Opens up About Vicodin Addiction

I can’t begin to tell how you many women I’ve known and coached who secretly battled addiction. According to the CDC 18 women per day die from a painkiller prescription overdose in the United States. Women who look pulled together. Women you sit by at church. Women you lunch with. Moms. Business owners and VP’s

With One Picture Jennifer Aniston Garners 3 Million Followers

Did you hear? Jennifer Aniston is finally on Instagram. And it made news in a big way! Jennifer Aniston has joined her friends in the world of Instagram. And with one single photo she got 3 million followers within minutes to an hour (at the time of this article), and made TMZ news. That is

Jennie Garth Family Vacay in Waikiki Was All About LUXURY

Jennie Garth and husband, Dave Abrams, along with Garth’s two daughters with, Peter Faccinelli, vacationed in Hawaii. Where they stayed had beautiful luxury written all over it. From the food and fantastic views to the oh-so-fabulous kitchen! Talk about drool-worthy. Take in the view Garth posted on her Instagram feed with the caption “The one

Up Close & Personal: Lesley Barth

Lesley Barth has been compared to music greats like Carole King and Cat Stevens. With her rich voice, vulnerability and relatable lyrics, it’s easy to see why. In this interview Barth talks about why flying solo is so important to her.