I Booked My First Live Video Hair Color Consultant Appointment—here’s my tips to getting the most from virtual consults

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, the global market for Hair Color estimated at $23.2 Billion (US) in the year 2020. It’s expected to reach $36.1 Billion (US) by 2027.

I started coloring my hair at home about nine months before covid took over, primarily because it was easier and more affordable. But things have changed since then (grays!) and I need a little help. So, I scheduled a live video consultation with Clairol. Here’s how it went and here’s some of my tips to help you make the most of a virtual hair color consultation.

To be honest, I was apprehensive about the professional background of virtual hair color consultants.

Hair color companies providing this free service hide the identities of their consultants. First names only. No bios. No resumés. No pictures. You don’t get to know the first name of the consultant until they introduce themselves in the consultation.

So you don’t really know if the color consultant is knowledgeable or even good at hair color.

I reached out to Clairol to ask why they don’t disclose the name and background of their color consultants. They said “We don’t provide full names for privacy reasons, but the consultants are all licensed hairstylists.”

I was glad to hear that at least the colorists are currently licensed.

I chose Clairol as my first video consultation because I had my eye on their Natural Instincts line. And, I’d read an article by a Hollywood hair stylist I’m familiar with who recommends it for my hair “issues.”

Also, Clairol has been around a long time and is widely used by everyone including experts so I felt comfortable starting there.

Scheduling my virtual consultation was easy. Clairol has an easy to find link that says “My Clairol Colorist” on their main web page. I clicked. Provided my name and phone number to schedule the appointment and then I was prompted to share my hair color history and hair color goals. When I was done answering the questions I received an email confirmation.

To my surprise, Clairol had a same day appointment available. It was 30 minutes from the time I scheduled. Fifteen minutes before my consult I got a text and an email message reminder along with a “join video” link.

I joined the consult five minutes early. Before logging on, I wrote down my questions, concerns and hair color goals and selected two pictures of me with my favorite hair color to share with the colorist. I recommend you do the same.

You only get 15 minutes with the consultant. When the time is up, the consultants computer automatically shuts down. NO warning. NO thank you. NO goodbye.

I understand why Clairol does this but I think 20 minutes makes more sense.

The consultant I met with was nice and helpful. When I asked, she said she’d been in the cosmetology business for more than 10 years and was currently working as a hairstylist by day and consulting at night as a way to make a little extra money.

I really appreciate that safety and proper use of the hair color was at the top of her list of concerns. She reminded me multiple times to do the skin test and the strand test. She even showed me where she recommends doing the strand test, what to look for and assured me if there was an issue with the hair color once applied, I could schedule another appointment and a virtual consultant would be able to assist me. My concern was excessive brassiness.

I haven’t tried the color suggestion, yet, because I’m still doing some research on which color is best for my hair concerns.

In summary, I would rate my hair color virtual consultation with Clairol, good! I would recommend it if you need a little help.

The following are my tips and reminders to get the most out of your 15 minute color consultation.

  • Write down your questions. Keep them short.
  • Know your hair color goal. Have a picture or two to share with the colorist.
  • Sit where you have the best lighting. You want the colorist to see your current hair color. Help her, help you.
  • Talk fast. You only have 15 minutes.

**Picture source: photo of red haired gjrl is sourced at Pexels free and was taken by talented photographer Athena.


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