If it Hadn’t Happened to me I Wouldn’t Have Believed it

Hi! Welcome to 2021. I hope this finds you having a great start to a new year. My year has gotten off on the wrong foot, quite literally.

If it hadn’t happened to me I wouldn’t have believed it. Last Wednesday or Thursday evening (I can’t remember which day) I was sitting on the sofa next to a warm and cozy fireplace drinking some delicious cinnamon tea. It was a very calm moment. And then, I got up to do something that I can’t recall right now. What I didn’t know was that while I was cozying up to my tea and fireplace a blanket slipped off the sofa and landed around my feet. I’m sure you can imagine what happened next.

I got up and attempted to walk. When the next thing I know my feet felt tied up in a blanket. I started to fall face forward to the floor. In instinct, I tried pulling myself back up using my feet and toes. In the process I injured my foot and broke my toe so bad it turns out I may need surgery to fix it.

Can you believe that? Definitely shaking my head at this one.

I’ll know more later this week after I see a specialist. Yeah, I said a specialist. That’s how bad the break is. Until I see the specialist, I’m wearing a boot and hopin’ (and prayin’) that my foot will heal properly on it’s own. After looking at my x-ray, though, I’m not feeling confident.

Did you know experts say more injuries occur at home than anywhere else? I was talking to both the doctor and the x-ray technician who was assisting me with my foot and both said that in addition to the high covid cases they’re seeing, they’ve treated more patients with injuries than ever before. That’s because everyone is at home! So please take extra caution when doing those chores or…when attempting to walk.

I’ll be back later this week to talk more about how to achieve your personal goals in a covid-era. Until then, stay safe everyone!

In 2019, over 13 million people were treated in emergency departments for injuries resulting from consumer products. Most of the injuries involved everyday products often assumed to be safe. And, there were 37,600,000 medically consulted injuries that same year.


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      1. Yes six now and another in the pipeline. Latest is a mainstream detective novel, Dark Minster. Interested in your blog and will check it out. Thanks.

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