The Home Organizing Team I’m Obsessed With And The Lessons I’ve Learned About Decluttering

There are very few times in life when you see someone doing exactly what they were meant to do. Usually people like Oprah Winfrey, Joanna Gaines and Jimmy Fallon. But they can be everyday people like your doctor, too. When I see the ladies of The Home Edit, I know they are doing exactly what they were meant to do. They are the organizing pair that I can’t get enough of.

Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin are the awesome duo of The Home Edit. Their ability to turn messy chaos into functional and pretty spaces has turned into a life-changing business, a Netflix series and about 4.6 million followers.

According to their website, the two were introduced by friends. They immediately connected and soon after started a business they probably never imagined would make them famous.

If you haven’t watched their series yet I highly recommend it. I walked away with some tips that has made organizing easier.

Organizing Lessons from The Home Edit series

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Maybe it’s because I’m a professional journalist and writer by trade but I LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. the use of the word EDIT rather than “Purge” or “Toss out.”

Edit appeals to us on a subconscious level. You’re eliminating something that doesn’t belong there to begin with. I don’t think the ladies of THE Home Edit thought about this as deeply I did, but “Edit” is a part of my everyday language so the word helps me understand what my role is when I step into my messy closet or drawer.

And dare I say, it’s been working for me!

EVERYONE has clutter

It doesn’t matter who these ladies work with including the rich and famous—they have clutter. Just like you and I. They don’t always have time or inspiration to put their clothes back in the drawer or on the hanger where they found them.

They have piles of clothes on the floor and things they don’t want to get rid of. There’s something just a little reassuring about knowing you’re not alone.

Anyone can organize

What makes The Home Edit so popular isn’t just the beautifully organized spaces they create. Their three step approach to organizing is a format we can all follow.

I know what’s working for me and what’s not, but sometimes letting go of stuff is hard to do. But using their tips have helped me a lot.

If you get a chance, be sure to check the home edit out on Netflix. And if you try any of their tips, let me know, I’d love to hear from you.

That’s a wrap, my friends!

You can find The Home Edit Here and you can follow the ladies on social media Here.

A glimpse into their world.

Dreamy, right?


2 thoughts on “The Home Organizing Team I’m Obsessed With And The Lessons I’ve Learned About Decluttering

  1. Hi April! Nice blog! I love that last IG post you shared because of the two different ways of stacking books. I may need to experiment with that as I have a lot of books! lol

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