Cameron Diaz Shares Her Go-To Comfort Food Recipe

actress, mom, funny girl, Cameron Diaz, and friend, Katherine Powers, CEO of WhoWhatWear have collaborated to create a brand of wine.

Avaline wine is labeled “clean” and organic.

Avaline makes clean, delicious wines with organic grapes. Transparently produced, full of natural goodness, free of unnecessary extras.

Avaline website

i reached out to Avaline to ask if there was added preservatives in their wine. i never got a response. so that makes me think the customer service is poor. and, the odds are: there is added preservatives in the wine. if you have asthma and allergies don’t be fooled by labels like “clean.” please do your research before trying.

with that said, i don’t criticize makers for creating products that work for them. if they don’t have health issues, they won’t be thinking about those things during the process, so, i don’t ding them for that. BUT blowing me off means they lose points from me (🤣)

still, when Diaz shared her go-to recipe i felt it was worth sharing with you. it’s a perfect dish for the weekend. let me know if you give it a try—and if you try the wine too! we are definitely curious.

i should say that i think it’s pretty cool that they got to create their own wine. i’d love to do the same. maybe someday, i will.

Enjoy. 💋 and as they always say “may you drink responsibly.”


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