What you eat during menopause matters

#MenopauseMinute |No. 7 | Story from Henry Ford Health System and The Detroit News.

According to dietician HALLE SAPERSTEIN, R.D. | FOR HENRY FORD HEALTH SYSTEM, what you eat during menopause can make a big difference in how you experience symptoms.

“When estrogen levels begin falling, we have to be more mindful of what we eat and how much we eat. We also have to make sure we’re getting a wide variety of nutrients to protect our bones and vital organs”

Saperstein recommends dark green leafy vegetables and brightly colored foods like carrots, tomatoes, mango and cherries, all known for their powerful antioxidants.

She also says you need protein to help you hang on to muscle.

Cooling foods like apples, bananas and green tea may help you cool down according to Chinese medicine.

And of course, Saperstein says drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and help you flush toxins.

If you’d like to learn more about Halle Saperstein click HERE. For more on the Henry Ford Health Services click HERE.

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