Fall fashion looks and faves

“Style is something each of us already has, all we need to do is find it.” —Diane von Furstenberg

It’s fall. The temperature is dropping and the leaves are starting to, well, fall.

For me, this season is also about organizing and revamping—starting with my closet.

I need to up my (style) game!

Since the cancer diagnosis in 2012, I’ve been a homemaker and a cancer fighter in some form or another.

Hair loss, excessive weight loss, rosacea and overall worry from the cancer fight, drowned me out.

I just recognize myself anymore. And I know I’m not alone when I share this.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re fighting an illness or a college student or stay at home mom, when your overwhelmed or ill your day-to-day uniform is not very attractive.

So whether you’re in a slump or just need inspiration, here’s a few of my fall faves.

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The faux-fur

I think the faux-fur coat is more of a trend, but its a fun (and warm) trend.

It has a Margot Tennenbaum vibe. It’s bold, soft and cozy. You can dress it up, or down.

It can be the pop of color your outfit needs as you’ll see below.

But THIS next coat is my favorite faux-fur of the season. I think it’s the length and neutral color I like so much.

The traditional look

The pop of color

The switch up

Now this is the coat I think will be a staple in many women’s closet, or it should be.

I absolutely LOVE this for the color. The length. The Jackie O look.

It’s perfect for all year. Great for the office or cocktail and dinner parties.

It’s the piece that pulls the outfit together.

With its clean-classy-timeless 1960’s vibe, you can expect to see more of this color and style this season.

The rest of the outfit

I love a casual, clean look. This outfit has comfort written all over it!

The bonus is that you could pair any of those coats with a look like this!

Or this!

On any given day you’re likely to find me dressed like this.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re meeting friends for lunch, sightseeing are doing weekend errands, this is a nice way look pulled together while running errands, picking up the kids or just hanging with friends and family.

(As cute as this purse is, though, it would not work for me because it’s too small. Keep scrolling for my fall “it” bag).

The “it” bag!

Here’s my fall it” bag.

Here’s a slightly different version of it.

And…I recently saw this!

What?! I bought mine before her only at a more affordable price, at least for my pocketbook (laugh).

Screenshots: Travel and Leisure Urban Outfitters Macys The Reformation Milly

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