The Challenges of Blogging: Comparing Myself to Others

Starting a blog can be intimidating. But it’s the plethora of fancy blogs out there that can have you second guessing your ability. It can distract you to the point that you just don’t feel good enough. This I can relate to.

Hey guys!—If you’ve read my entry on the The Challenges of Blogging you know I’m a work in progress. In that post I confessed that my to-do list often gets in the way of my writing.

“At times, I fool myself into believing that I can do one chore and stop there. But in reality, one chore leads to another and another and the next thing I know, I’m behind in my writing.”

Today, I’m talking about how I’m trying to break the habit of comparing my blogging abilities (and blog design) to other more established bloggers.

Now, if we’re being honest here (and I hope we are) I don’t think there’s anyone here who hasn’t been guilty of comparing their work to someone else’s, especially you ladies.

It doesn’t matter what we do, as women, we are quick to compare ourselves to others.

In the blogosphere comparison is easy to get caught up in because we have so much to stack up to. Everyone from celebrities to children have gotten in on blogging.

A few weeks ago, I stumbled across an interesting blog authored by a little girl (I can’t remember the name now) but her blogging abilities made me feel “uber” inadequate (laugh).

Those little ones are born with the technology skills no other generation has had.

And as for those celebrity bloggers; well, they’re hiring a team of people to write, edit, post, design and market.

Good points to keep in mind when we feel compelled (by we, I mean, me) to compare ourselves to others.

There’s a lot of blogs out here. They are pretty and fluffy and they depict the perfect lifestyle.

While the icing and bling of the web can be distracting for me and even blinding in some cases, my goal is to continue to stay true to my vision.

Be true to yourself and your dreams

–Lara Prescott


My solution: Silence the blogs and people that divert my attention. Since I know that comparison is self-sabotaging behavior I’m working on drowning out the noise.

I’m not doing this with every pretty blog that comes along, because I want to learn from my peers.

But, I’m selective with who I let into my peripheral. I don’t want someone else’s voice and vision to take over my creative thoughts.

In my next post on The Challenges of Blogging I’ll let you know how I”m doing and I’ll  share with you some other things I’m learning. For now, though, I continue to work on consistent writing (and posting) and this whole comparison thing.

How do YOU stay true to yourself when it comes to your work and art? Please share with me in the comment section.


12 thoughts on “The Challenges of Blogging: Comparing Myself to Others

  1. Hi April,

    I really enjoyed reading this. So I recently started a podcast and initially I would compare myself with Other well established podcasters, trying to force a strict schedule, but it wasn’t working. Because some days I came home and was too tired to record episodes, or had work to finish. On such days when I forced myself to record, I was never happy with the episode … I soon learned to work at my own pace, record when Its convenient, and that way I enjoy it. On Those “good” days I record multiple episodes and then release over time, to make up for the times when I don’t feel like it.

    Here’s to figuring out what works and recognizing that we all can achieve greatness and the sky is big enough for us all.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Dr Ozi!! Thank you for stopping by and for sharing your experience. I truly appreciate your chiming in. I agree with you; everyone has to find what works for them. And, I never force myself to write, either. But I now make it priority to carve out time to do so. It sounds like you’re doing the same. Tell me more about your podcast! Warmest


    2. Dr. Ozi! I had no idea this was you lol. So, it’s okay. I know all about your podcast and I’ll be joining you soon. Maybe even a collaboration?! Hugs


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