Amy Schumer

Funny girl Amy Schumer is married!

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This morning, while trying to snooze, I got an alert indicating that Amy posted the above photo with a caption that simply read…


According to reports, the newlyweds got married in Malibu–a very Hollywood thing to do. I have to admit; I am surprised they were able to keep it all under wraps especially considering her guest list was filled with A-lister’s.

Jake Gyllenhall.


Okay, great…who’s the groom?

If you’re wondering who the lucky man is you’re probably not alone. Though I’ve heard Amy talk about him I had no idea who he was. So, I did some research and here’s what I learned; Chris Fischer (AKA Mr. Schumer) is an award winning cookbook author, farmer, chef and part-time instructor at Boston University Metropolitan College Programs in Food & Wine (that’s a mouthful). Here he is at BU.

His family has owned a farm on Martha’s Vineyard since 1961. Here he looks more like a farmhand than a recognized chef and author. He also reminds me a lot of Mad Men actor, Jon Hamm.

In this video you can hear his appreciation for farming and fresh food. 

In June of 2017, Fischer opened a small produce market out of the family farm, and expressed interest in expanding it to serve food. According to a Boston Magazine interview, he envisions sales financing the build-out of a kitchen, so he can serve breakfast and, eventually, dinner on communal tables hauled in after the shop closes. Here he is in the market.

@beetlebungfarm Facebook

“You can create a destination restaurant anywhere,” Fischer says.

In this Facebook post he is teaching children about compost. 

And now, let’s get back to the wedding…

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It seems Amy has done really well in the love department. I’m so happy she found someone connected to the earth and good food, rather than the Hollywood life and style. I think this gives them an opportunity to really succeed as a family.




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